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This website features Pens I have Handmade from various types of material.  Each Pen is individually crafted possessing it its own signature of character and individuality.  Most of the pens shown in this site were made for gifts or individually sold.  Some photos include matching Mechanical Pencils, making a nice gift set.

The solid wood Pens are made from specially selected wood giving much attention to color and grain lines to expose the natural beauty and give the Pen its own uniqueness.

The multi color Pens are made from acrylic and hand polished to a bright shine to enhance the colors.

The Bullet Pens are real 308 and 30.06 once fired brass bullet cartridges with wood, acrylic and even deer antler added.

I have started roasting coffee as a hobby.  Because of good reviews and demand I have added my Home Roast to my sales


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